a little more about me

I recently completed my Telecommunications Engineering masters degree (Sept 2020 to be exact). The major highlight of it was my masters degree project which is focused on optimising the energy consumption in fog computing systems. This project is my first foray into AI.

I am now an AI/ML enthusiast and welcome collaborations on AI/ML research, projects or just study. Please contact me sekinat95@gmail.com

I talk more about my AI/ML journey here

trabajo fin de master

For my masters thesis which I finished about months ago, I used a genetic fuzzy rulebased algorithm to optimise energy consumption in simulated fog computing environments. The environments were simulated using ifogsim an offshoot of the popular cloudsim used for cloud computing research in academia.(Publication in view)

undergrad degree project

I used classical controls principles/calculations to model the system temperature of a target using data generated from a temperature logging system designed.

other things about me

I am finally reading all the books I've collected over the past two years.